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Trendy Tuesdays // Pt. Two


Lucite, a solid, transparent plastic, has seen a great upswing in use when it comes to decorating for weddings. Not only is it modern, but it is trendy now and has seen a lot of popularity in rentals for 2016 weddings. With its many different uses and wide availability, couples can use lucite furniture to decorate on their wedding day in many different ways. Lucite Sweetheart Tables Lucite tables are meant to be decorated, and doing so is incredibly easy. With the table acting as a part of the decor with large pillar-like legs, adding floral decor or candles will make it look even more romantic. It gives off the same look in photos as glass but it is much cheaper when it comes to renting pieces, and if you are setting up by yourself, you will appreciate items that are easier to move! Decorative Arches Whether it is an archway waiting...

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Creative Seasonal Floral Centerpieces


Flowers can be a large part of a couples wedding budget, especially when ordering flowers that are rare or out of season. Peonies can be more expensive than using roses in some cases! So what are the best flowers for a floral centerpiece and what are some options based on the season you may be holding your wedding in? We've got a break down of seasons and with it, the flowers that will suit centerpiece arrangements the best while saving couples some money.   Spring Spring weddings are incredibly popular and offer many choices as far as flowers go for centerpieces. You can make a simple but beautiful centerpiece statement using sunflowers, which are in season in the spring time. Add a long vase with water to support the sunflower and tie it with a complimentary ribbon color for simplicity with a pop of color. For a larger centerpiece, tulips, which are also...

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Trendy Tuesdays // Pt. One


Click on over for  a special edition of 'Trendy Tuesdays'. We will feature current wedding favorites and popular design ideas for the modern bride. Wedding decor is something that every bride to be has on her mind, whether it is where to get it, how to put it all together or where to even start. 2016 has seen some great trends already, and many of them will be reflected in the spring and summer weddings of the year. The online website Pinterest is filled to the brim with wedding decor ideas, and here are some of the most popular we have seen so far.   Chalkboards That's right, chalkboards. But not just any chalkboard; some are surrounded by what is fashioned to look like a rustic, antique frame and others can be found on the sides of rustic crates available in a myriad of colors. Chalkboards are most often used at garden or outdoor,...

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How to Add a Pop of Color to Your Wedding

  Summer is the most popular time of the year for couples to get married and it isn't just because of the chance of beautiful weather on the special day. The summer provides a stunning backdrop for photos, the opportunity to have your wedding outdoors, and much more. Even if your event is indoors, you should let yourself be inspired by the summer season and one of the best ways to do that in your reception is add a pop of color. We've come up with some great tips and tricks on how to do that. Menus and Place Cards It is easy to add a pop of color to a menu or place card and this brightens them up and makes them look much better. Whether it is a border design or a symbol, making these in the same color as your wedding color, it helps the otherwise plain menus and place cards...

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Seasonal Wedding Flowers

  When choosing which flowers to go with for a bride and her bridesmaids, one must consider the season that the wedding will be held in. Why? Flowers tend to be much more expensive if they are not in season, and could cost a lot more than a couple bargained for. Instead, it is better to choose flowers that will be in season the time of your wedding. Roses are traditionally available year-round in most parts, as they are grown in greenhouses, but if you want something else, we have compiled a list of some of the most popular flowers in season. Spring Tulip – available in a multitude of colors, tulips make a great bouquet on their own or with a little added greenery Sunflower – these bright yellow flowers can be quite a statement piece and even more beautiful when paired with lilacs, greenery or lilies Peonies – perfect for that vintage wedding,...

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Guestbook Table Inspiration

There is one thing that can be found at nearly every wedding and that is a guestbook. It is here that guests to the wedding can write their names and well wishes to the newlyweds, but many couples struggle with designing a guest book table that draws guests attention to the book so that they can sign it. We've compiled some helpful decorating tips to make sure that your table stands out for your guests.   Customize It Whether you customize the table to match the overall theme of your wedding or just to make sure it stands out, your guests will love customized touches. For a rustic wedding, find some old picture frames and weather them, then fill the frames with a collage of photos of you and your partner. Many couples choose to show off photos of them as children as well and parents will always be more than happy to...

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Ideas, Tips and Tricks to Decorating Your Wedding Aisle

Decorating your wedding aisle can be a tricky process, and it is usually based on where you are getting married. You don't want large baubles of flowers if your aisle is in a small church because everything will feel too cluttered and closed in. It is easier to think about matching the way you decorate with your overall theme in mind, as well as the size and layout of the wedding aisle. Here are some wedding aisle decorating ideas along with some tips and tricks that you can use to create an incredible look that will wow your guests.   Floral Clusters If you are having an outdoor wedding, especially one that might include a stunning view of a lake or ocean, keep the aisle decor muted and rather simple. This gives a pop of color to every other aisle chair but doesn't distract from the beautiful view. Large flowers should be used...

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Let The Blog Times Roll


Hello, and welcome to our blog feed! Thanks for taking the time to learn more about Prizm Event Design, our decor services and how we can transform your event space. Our goal is to use all social media platforms possible, including this blog, to reach brides, answer questions and share captivating images of our luxuriously decorated events. We understand that planning your wedding decor can be exciting, but nonetheless stressful. Getting married is a big deal, and we appreciate a bride who loves drool-worthy decor. Let us take the burden of executing a flawlessly designed event off your hands. Through our blog posts, we hope to capture the attention of stylish, modern brides and share what we love most about current wedding decor trends. We hope you’ll enjoy reading our blog posts as much as we’ll enjoy writing them. Stay tuned, it only gets fancier from here!  ...

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