Trendy Tuesdays // Pt. Two

Trendy Tuesdays // Pt. Two


Lucite, a solid, transparent plastic, has seen a great upswing in use when it comes to decorating for weddings. Not only is it modern, but it is trendy now and has seen a lot of popularity in rentals for 2016 weddings. With its many different uses and wide availability, couples can use lucite furniture to decorate on their wedding day in many different ways.

Lucite Sweetheart Tables

Lucite tables are meant to be decorated, and doing so is incredibly easy. With the table acting as a part of the decor with large pillar-like legs, adding floral decor or candles will make it look even more romantic. It gives off the same look in photos as glass but it is much cheaper when it comes to renting pieces, and if you are setting up by yourself, you will appreciate items that are easier to move!

Decorative Arches

Whether it is an archway waiting for you at the end of an aisle or arches and lights leading your guests to a reception area, lucite arches are easy to move and place, as well as decorate. Some come with bauble lights inside, adding a classy way to light the way to the reception, or you can top it with your favorite choice of flowers.

Pedestals and Cake Tables

For an outdoor wedding, lucite pedestals are perfect to display your decorative choices of floral arrangements. When it comes to cake tables, lucite can be layered and an intricate way to display your cake. Whether it is a pedestal holding up a cake with shimmering glass stones hanging like a chandelier, or a table that captures the light just right, lucite is a versatile and affordable material for all reception needs.